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Wardrobe Door

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A framed sliding door for your wardrobe is as much a design statement as it is a functional home improvement. Selecting a aluminium sliding wardrobe door to match your own personal design style is easy with a consultant. You can choose from a wide range of fashionable colours for the sleek aluminium frame and matching track as well as selecting from a diverse range of panel options including safety mirror, coloured glass, timber veneers, or custom designed to meet your own design aspirations.

In contemporary household decoration, more and more people tend to choose sliding wardrobe doors as it is light and easy to use with high space utilization. It can be easily customized in different specification. Aluminium sliding door profile is very popular among all materials. Since entering the market, it has been favored by owners, has the tendency to replace traditional flat open wardrobe door.The most important thing about sliding door is visual entirety, it can be used as a wall.

Facts about HAOMEI:

Every care is taken regarding the packaging and loading of the material into the container. Each bundle is packed according to the customer’s specifications and reinforced to guarantee the protection and safety of the goods whilst in transit. The bundles are then carefully stacked and loaded into the container using a steel trolley.

Upon arrival at Haomei in Qingyuan city, visitors will experience a harmonious development between human and nature. Regenerating inflammation system and hot-top technology are adopted with smelting and casting. Water recycling system is set up in powder coating and anodizing. Haomei product was granted the green label under ROHS standard and certified by Suggest.

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