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Thermal Breaking Window

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Compared with vinyl, fiberglass and wood frames, aluminum conducts heat and cold the least well. To reduce heat flow, HAOMEI offers a Thermally Improved Aluminum frame in select regions. Thermally Improved Aluminum windows and doors are equipped with thermal breaks to separate the interior and exterior surfaces and improve energy efficiency.

The high technical standard of aluminium frames and state-of-the-art technology guarantee top performances in terms of optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, good weather-resistance and high quality safety solutions with maximum transparency.

Aluminium thermal breaking window has outstanding properties, like high strength, good heat insulation, good rigidity, excellent fireproof, large lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative effect. High-grade aluminium window profile is the first choice for high-end building’s window.

Haomei aluminium window sections manufacturer produces thermal breaking window with following advantages:

Reduce heat conduction: the thermal conductivity of thermal breaking window is 1.8 ~ 3.5W / m2 "k" h, much lower than the general aluminum alloy of 140 ~ 170W / m2 "k" h;

Prevent condensation: the internal surface temperature of the profile with insulation bar is close to the indoor temperature, it reduces the possibility of condensation on the surface of aluminium window profile due to indoor moisture supersaturation.

Energy saving: In winter, aluminium window frames with insulated bars reduce the amount of heat lost by one-third; in summer, window frames with heat shields are more able to reduce energy loss if air conditioning on.

Protection of the environment: the application of insulation systems can reduce energy consumption, while reducing environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating