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Aluminum frame tent poles are fairly lightweight. However, given their weight they are very strong. Most, but not all, aluminum poles perform as well in frigid winter weather as they do in the summer. Overburdened, these poles probably will only bend--and if they do break will snap cleanly in two. Since a bent tent pole can be repaired, this is a big plus.

The only real drawback to aluminum poles is that they are subject to corrosion. Most come with a protective coating, but you can count on it eventually wearing off.

Aluminum frame tent is often applied to all kinds of sports events, exhibitions, fairs, outdoor wedding, celebration party, reception, outdoor promotion, festival activities,industrial semi-permanent storage and related services. The three major characteristics of aluminium tent is temporarily, mobility and flexibility, it can be built or removed at any time. The construction period is short too.

The main frame of aluminium tent is strong enough to fight against 120KM/H. It has no special requirement to the building area.

Facts about HAOMEI:

Over the last 20 years Haomei has become well known in the aluminium sector and is soon to become a household name throughout the world. Haomei works hand in hand with our customers throughout the whole production process, from the initial technical drawings, die making, die management, extrusion, finishing and of course delivery. Haomei delivers across the globe, providing the highest level of service. With long term business partners throughout the world including Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong to name just a few, you can be assured that your satisfaction is of the most importance to us.

As we have dealt with customers from all over the world, we also have the knowledge in meeting the various standards that are required, e.g. AA standard, DIN standard, AS standard and JIS standard. We are also members of the Aluminium Extruder Council in china and Bathroom enclosure Manufacturer Association in the USA.

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