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Industrial Profiles

HAOMEI is dedicated to helping you leverage the unique characteristics of aluminum, to help you fabricate better performing and cost-effective industrial products. Let us help you develop products with better strength, durability, cryogenic behavior, heat transfer capabilities, electrical conductivity, surface characteristics or corrosion resistance.

Industrial aluminum profile is the most common material in domestic manufacturing. It has a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing, aviation, shipbuilding, machinery, automobile manufacturing, etc. And with its excellent advantages - light weight, good toughness, small density for example, alu profile is favored in the industrial manufacturing industry, especially suitable for the production of industrial framework and machinery equipment. The global production of aluminum is very high, due to good ductility, plasticity, productivity of aluminum profiles, it has obvious advantages in industrial manufacturing.

The characteristics of stable chemical element and nonmagnetic make aluminum a kind of rarely benign and recyclable non-ferrous metal materials. And aluminum extrusion profiles is pollution-free without any harmful substances or evaporation on the surface oxide layer.

Industrial aluminum profile presents a beautiful appearance after the oxidation treatment of the surface. And it is resistant to dirt,once painted with oil, it’s very easy to clean. While assembly, according to different load-bearing, profiles of different specifications are available along with supporting aluminum accessories. What’s more ,alu profile needs no welding, which is environmentally friendly. And it is convenient to install, disassemble, carry and move.

Due to its unique decorativeness, excellent sound insulation ,good thermal conductivity and recyclability, aluminum section has a wide range of application like machine frames, stents, doors, industrial automation equipment, office workstations, shelves, containers, ladders and so on.

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