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Heat Sink

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Aluminum Heat sinks are used to dissipate heat from hot surfaces by increasing the surface area that is in contact with the cooling fluid or air.

From board level to LEDs to high power heat sinks, our goal is to develop a quality heatsink for the best price. Our employees will do whatever they can to make this happen.

Extruded aluminum heatsinks offer a cost effective solution for cooling the majority of electronic devices. A common alloy used in developing heat sinks is 6063-T5. This is just one of the many options available when searching solutions to your products that require thermal management.

Aluminum heat sink is widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances, and other areas of the industry because of its superior performance. Aluminum heat sink hass excellent oxidation corrosion resistant performance, needs no additives, since  alumina is a good protective film.

The advantages of extruded aluminium heatsink:
1. Extensive range of colors and height available
2. Small valume, light weight, good thermal conductivity
3. It does no pollution to environment
4.Aluminium heat sink has good heat dissipation performance, energy saving is obvious
5.High pressure resistance, beautiful appearance

Haomei aluminum heat sink manufacturer with long-term accumulated technical experience and technology, produces aluminium profile of good heat conduction. We focus on the development of  custom aluminium heat sink to meet customers’ requirement on the product differentiation, specialization and individuation.

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