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Automotive Profiles

From increased fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions to crash protection without compromise and enhanced driving performance, HAOMEI aluminium builds a better car, truck, trailer or vessel. All other factors equal, lighter cars accelerate faster, stop faster, and have better handling – that’s why many top performance cars are all-aluminium.

Aluminum alloy is well applied in automotive industry due to its light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing property. And with the enhancement of environmental protection and energy saving concept around the globe, aluminum significant weight reduction and energy saving effect gets more and more attention. Automotive profiles aluminum will experience a great growth in the coming future.

Automotive aluminum profiles can bring significant effects mainly in the following aspects:

Significant weight loss effect
Alloys for cars have the advantages of light weight, good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, the recovery rate reaches more than 80%.

Good energy saving effect
The most effective way to reduce fuel consumption is to decrease automobile weight. The use of alloys for cars just meet the condition. According to the statistics, 1 kilogram reduction of the car weight supports 0.011 kilometer more drive road of 1 liter gas.

Reduce air pollution, improve environment quality
With automotive aluminum profile, it can reduce the emission of CO₂,CO, ClO₂,which does a lot help to environment improvement.

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