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haomei package spot

Check whether the welding point of iron hob is solid enough.
The hob can push back and forward on the platform to check off-tracking phenomenon. Each of the hob spacing corresponding to each wood distance.

Haomei prepare aluminium profile in advance

Make preparation one day in advance, put the goods on the chassis so the next day it can be pushed into the container once arrived.

wood framework for balance

Wooden formwork inside the container should be reasonably placed and strong enough to hold the cargo, to prevent any chassis movement

aluminium section package

Make sure all the wood is up and down alignment.

haomei aluminium section lifting protection

While lifting, put the iron channel on the bottom of the box to prevent damage to the products.

haomei pack the aluminium profile

If two batches of goods are placed on the same hob, use wooden to support when there is a gap.

label on the aluminium profile box

Seal on the wood.
Label should stick up straight.
If there is space on the top of the container, do providing some support.

haomei product packaing line

If there is space around, use square wood for reinforcement to make products unable to move around within the container.

take pictures every step of package
package paper for aluminium
Take pictures in the whole process from loading to sealing.

No words straight package paper.

haomei best aluminium profile manufacturer

The length of the end outside should within 0.5 meter

measure the distance of each package

Measure the distance to make it align each reinforcement of two pieces of wood