SINOGEN is indicated for the treatment of viral disease and some malignant tumor. It is approved for treatment of chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and hairy cell leukemia. Clinical trial results and reference reports show that SINOGEN is effective for the treatment of viral disease such as herpes zoster, condyloma acuminate, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, children RSV pneumonia and etc. It can be also used for cancer, chronic granulocytic leukemia, melanoma, lymphoma and etc.



Use it under the guidance of doctors. Use hypodermic injection or intravenous injection for 2~3 times per week. The dosage should be adjusted according to the degree of anemia, age and other relevant factors.



Prevent neutropenia caused by cancer chemotherapy;When cancer patients use chemotherapy which can cause myelosuppression,especially after the serious bone marrow deprived chemotherapy,the injection of this medicine will help preventing neutropenia from happening,relieve the degree of neutropenia,shorten the last duration of neutropenia and speed up the recovery of granulocyte to reduce the risk of concurrent infection and fever.



Indicated for acute/chronic diarrhea caused by acute nonspecific infection, and imbalance of intestinal flora and other acute/chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia caused by antibiotic, chronic liver disease and many other reasons


Kehuang Capsule

This product is capsule agent, the content inside is dark brown powder with tiny odor, bitter in taste with cool sensations.


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