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Samrya Twin Towers in Qatar

Time:2016-08-29 Click:1108

Samrya Twin Towers is a new stylish and luxurious high rise that embraces the skyline in the ipmarket West bay district of Doha, Qatar. Samrya Twin towers offers very modern, spacious office space to its clients. all offices offer 360 degree views of the Doha skyline. an 18th century French marble, Bisaza gold teasels, bronze french balustrade and water surface ornate the tower’s grand lobby.

luxurious Samrya Twin Towers in Qatar

With a total built up area of 111,893 m2 , Samrya Twin Towers entailed completion and maintenance of two symmetric business towers mirroring each other. With a construction cost of 350,000,000 QR the work included 44-storey towers designed by MZ & Partners to maximize the floor area of 9,560 m2 and provide panoramic views of the surrounding vista. With a height of 180 m, both towers share two basement parking levels with an area of 19,120 m2 and a capacity of 610 parking spaces and a ground floor, each separately featured a mezzanine, a first floor allocated to conference halls; 38 office floors; floors reserved for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) equipment on the 21st and 41st levels, in addition to additional MEP floors on roof decks premised on the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th levels. With a total area of 109,403 m2 and curtain wall area of 66,000 m2 using unitized and stick curtain wall system.

alunimium section of Samrya Twin Towers in Qatar

Samrya Twin Towers in Qatar with haomei products