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Guangzhou TV Tower

Time:2016-08-29 Click:567

September 28, 2010, Guangzhou City Investment Group held a press conference to formally announce the name of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou New TV Tower, 600 meters above sea level, for the first tower, and the "waistline" at the finest In the 66 layers. From October 1, 2010, the Guangzhou Tower will officially open tickets tourists.

Guangzhou TV Tower with haomei aluminiumx

Guangzhou New TV Tower construction land area of 175,460 square meters, of which construction area is 133,300 square meters, road area of 42,160 square meters, with a total height of 600 meters, which tower 450 meters, the antenna mast 150 meters, is expected to become the world after the completion of a tower. The total construction area reach 114,054 square meters, construction area of 44,275 square meters tower, the basement floor area of 69,779 square meters.

haomei aluminium applied in Guangzhou TV Tower

Guangzhou New TV Tower is located in the new city axis intersection with the axis of the Pearl River, north of Pearl River, and the 21st Century --- Pearl River New Town Central Business District and the sea, sand the public square across the River. Pearl River New City in the future with the "twin towers" Forming a triangle, with the southern city of Guangzhou Pearl River New City Opera, the Guangdong Provincial Museum to form the small triangle, a prominent position.

wonderful Guangzhou TV Tower

As the world's first high-Guangzhou New TV Tower, the tower will be the highest platform in the world - 454 meters, set the jumping machine. Get people to rise after jumping machine about 500 meters height (the specific height of undetermined) feelings of stimulation, while overlooking the panoramic view of Guangzhou.