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Taiji industrial City, High-tech Development Zone, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China.


Guangzhou Southern Railway Station

Time:2016-08-29 Click:1236

The design of the railway station is inspired by traditional Guangdong-style architecture. The roof is in the form of banana leaves and includes longitudinal skylights to allow maximum daylight into the station. It provides partial enclosure to the open-sided platforms to allow fresh air to circulate in the station. Both ends of the roof are curved to shield the railway station from wind and to reduce uplift during passage of trains.

 Guangzhou Southern Railway Station

A central spine cuts across the roof to connect the east and west ends of the railway station. With a span of 68m, enabling waiting rooms on the upper level to be built without columns, the central spine widens at the entrances and is narrow at the centre with a canopy placed on either end. The shape of the central spine is in sync with the circulation route of the station below and doubles as a route finder.

 haomei take part in Guangzhou Southern Railway Station

TFP Farrells incorporated several environmental friendly features in the railway station. The design of the station allows natural ventilation and reduces the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. Photo voltaic cells are equipped in the station to produce solar energy. TFP's design has allowances for the future expansion of the station to increase its passenger-handling capacity.

 Guangzhou Southern Railway Station with haomei aluminum profile