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Tips for Aluminum Doors and Windows Choosing

Time:29 August 2016 Click:441

In recent years, aluminum windows and doors are favored by more and more people. Its high-end atmosphere, beautiful appearance, good performance, and long life win 90s youth applaud. Customers may find it hard to choose the reliable aluminum products to market. Here are some tips for you:

The appearance will be the priority factor people take into consideration when choosing aluminum products. Customers also want buy glass with delicacy textures. However, there is one point people neglect that is quality aluminum windows and doors’ surface are processed.

Tips for Aluminum Doors and Windows Choosing

Some formal suppliers also do surface process according to clients' requirement. Such as composite film surface treatment which not only looks high gloss, also play a fire safety feature.

As for glass choosing, soundproof effect will be a key factor to consider. Quality aluminum windows and doors will achieve these two points: using tempered glass with 5mm or 6mm thickness. Use anti-aging tape to seal to achieve a better soundproof effect.

Those windows and doors with poor quality will shed, deform and fade. Customers should better do famous shop to buy quality windows and doors. Through on-site model, you can check whether there is a sliding sound, window fittings use is flexible, color surfaces are the same. Besides, after installation, you can still check if the internal fan and the frame structure are tight, whether the windows can be open flexibly, there is a gap between the stitching.