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The Eight Major Features of Aluminium Louvres

Time:24 March 2017 Click:724

In accordance with the experience of home decoration, we will use the basic cloth material for curtains in the places like the living room, bedroom, study and other places to achieve good visual effects and overall design sense. But like the kitchen, bathroom and other places, many people may still prefer to use manual or electric control of aluminium louvres curtains, which not only has excellent shading performance, but also easy to use and clean.

The eight major features of aluminium louvres:
1, Rich colors. Aluminium louvres are not as simple as you think with only a few colors. In fact, the aluminium louvres can be printed with colorful flowers and rich style to bring the room vitality.

2, Functional and strong. Aluminium louvres can be insulated and shade with high flexibility. Besides, it can block the UV effectively.

3, Good resilience. Aluminium louvres curtains are relatively smooth with particularly good feeling. It also have a good resilience.
Aluminium louvres curtains
4, Wide range of applications. With particularly good shading performance, it can also be adjusted to shade the light or pour the sunshine in in accordance with the needs of users. 

5, Energy saving. Because the aluminium louvres use high thermal reflection aluminum blades, and this blade can reflect most of the sun and heat, it can improve the hot and cold effect of air conditioning in summer, and indirectly achieve the purposes of energy saving. 

6, Do not fade. Aluminium louvres will not fade because of prolonged sunlight.

7, Good toughness. Even it is folded or twisted, it can easily rebound back. It is not easy to break with excellent toughness. 

8, Close structure. Aluminum lacquered ladder is basically made of four sets of fibers woven. The distance between the ladder belt and the overlap amplitude of the blade are about 4mm. This design can not only guarantee its shade effect, but also ensure that the ladder ladder is not easy to break so as to extend the product life.

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