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The Development Of Aluminum Profile Industry In China

Time:6 December 2016 Click:320

China's construction aluminum industry began in 1980, now it has been top industrial throughout the world after 30 years of development. In recent years, with China's large-scale infrastructure investment and the rapid progress of industrialization, the aluminum profile industry of china developed rapidly. The new brand of doors and windows enterprise appeared one by one showing its industry strength. At the same time, in order to obtain greater returns on investment, domestic enterprises continuously increasing their production scale, upgrading their product quality and promoting the rapid growth of industry-wide production and consumption, making a net aluminum import country became a net exporter country. China has become the world's largest aluminum production base and consumer market.


The market demand for aluminum is quite large. Benefit from urbanization process and the old building renovation, The consumption of aluminum for construction will remain strong for a long term. With good market prospects, the second and third tier cities, small towns and rural markets will gradually become the main consumer aluminum market. Building aluminum consumption will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, while the high-end aluminum products will become the mainstream market.

In the next few years, production capacity and production will also show a stable state, while the variety of products will increase and the product quality will be more excellence. The higher value-added products, energy saving and environmental protection products will be popular. The processing technology will develop toward a more refined direction; the processing equipment will develop toward a more intelligent direction; the enterprise will develop toward a professional and strong direction.

Currently, there are a number of aluminum brand in the market and the product performance between different brand of the same grade also has little difference, which gives consumers more choice. The whole industry is facing a certain threats of product upgrades. It mainly includes high-end products taking place of the low-end products and energy-saving products taking place of non-energy-saving products. Therefore, the low-end aluminum products may face greater risk of being replaced in the future.