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The Advantages Of Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

Time:30 December 2016 Click:403

Small quality
Curtain wall aluminum veneer is the composite of aluminum and the core material with relatively small density. So compared with the same rigidity or the same thickness of aluminum (or other metal), it is much smaller. And it is certainly smaller than glass and stone.


Good rigidity
Curtain wall aluminum veneer use the mechanical principles of steel cleverly and give its unique mechanical properties. Moreover, the curtain wall aluminum veneer is composited in the high temperature conditions, and the two aluminum plate are in a certain tension state throughout the processing.

Rich color
Curtain wall aluminum veneer are painted after the first processing technology. It can be paint into different picture on surface. In addition, the photographic copying technology can be used to simulate patterns of granite, wood and metal and other patterns to provide a sophisticated and high-quality graphic design.

High surface smoothness
Compared with a single metal plate, curtain wall aluminum veneer has a rather flat surface as it is produced by continuous thermal composite production process.

With a metal and core thermal composite technology, bonding firm, curtain wall aluminum veneer can be used in harsh outdoor environment for more than 20 years according to experimental studies.

Good processability
Curtain wall aluminum veneer is made of aluminum and plastic, so it is easy to cut, punch, trench, bending and other processing. Aluminum plate can be processed into flat, curved and spherical and other complex geometric shapes. Therefore, the composite panels can not only be processed by the manufacturer, but also be carried out on-site. Aluminum plate is shaped in in the factory, and it can be simply fixed on the construction site without cutting.

The fireproof curtain wall aluminum veneer adopts the newly developed core material, which is filled with inorganic filler. So it can reach the b1 level standard to satisfy the building regulations.