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Survival through Multiple Transition

Time:29 August 2016 Click:476

Shrouded in the shadow of the weak real estate market,the development of the situation of aluminum industry is grim. Many aluminum companies want seek diversified layout to survive in such market competition.

Nowadays, the real estate has fall into a weak position, so the related industries like construction, building materials and furniture also suffer a lot in such condition.

Undoubtedly, the real estate market downturn has serious pressure the aluminum market development. In addition, subject to overcapacity, irrational structure, low prices, marketing channels narrowed, financing credit constraints affect and other numerous factors, the aluminum industry can be difficult. So how to survive in such bad condition?

Survival through Multiple Transition

More and more companies want through expand the industrial chain, strengthen announced goods, product innovation, strategic complement from the business structure to achieve full transformation.

An aluminum industry principle said“Real estate market downturn directly affect the building materials industry. In such bad economic environment, building materials industry funding chain taut on, so we are now in transition to industrial machinery. We now produce more products to cater to a wider range of electrical motor housing, solar borders,etc." Besides, many aluminumprofile industries is ready to re-develop their windows and doors system and launch a set of doors and windows system and various range of products to meet the different needs of customers and the market winning a slice of the competition.