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Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Window Profiles

Time:13 December 2016 Click:366

In general, aluminum surface treatment contains anodizing, electrophoretic coating and powder coating, and each have their own advantages and occupy a considerable market share.
Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. suggests you that powder coating has the following significant advantages:


1.The technology is relatively simple, mainly due to the improvement of accuracy and automatic for main equipment in the production process. It has achieved microcomputer control toward some of the major technical parameters which effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, while greatly reduce auxiliary equipment;

2.Under normal circumstances, if the measures are proper, it can reach high yield and control the quantity of non-conforming products;

3.Energy consumption is significantly reduced. In the process of general anodizing and electrophoretic coating, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, especially in the oxidation process.

4.The pollution of water and the atmosphere is reduced. Get rid of protopine, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents, water and air pollution is reduced. And the competitive strength of aluminum profiles and steel products as environmentally friendly products is effectively improved. And the production costs is also reduced;

5.The labor intensity of the workers is obviously reduced. As a result of the adoption of automated assembly line operation, the way of feeding and the use of clamps have been significantly simplified, improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.

6.The requirement on the quality of wool surface  is significantly reduced. The powder coating can completely cover the surface of the extrusion profile and cover some defects of the aluminum surface and improve the surface quality of aluminum window;

7.Some physical indicators of coating film has significantly improved, such as hardness, wear resistance, acid resistance. These can effectively extend the service life of aluminum window.

8.The process of powder coating adopts electrostatic spraying and then high temperature curing. It enhance the adsorption strength of paint to prevent the film off.