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Solar Frame Aluminum Profile

Time:21 December 2016 Click:410

The PV industry related to solar profile includes solar frame, solar photovoltaic racks, solar PV tile fasteners and others. Battery frame and supporting structure of the pillars, drawbars, support legs can be produced by the most economical and durable aluminum alloy extrusion material. The demand of PV module frame and bracket is very large, accounting for most of the proportion of aluminum in industrial applications.


Solar frame aluminum profile is an indispensable part of solar modules, which play a very important role. The life of the component is mainly affected by the life of the packaging material, the packaging process and the used environment, in which the life of packaging materials is one of the important factors to determine the life of photovoltaic modules. In order to protect the fixed array among various components, frame is needed for fixing components.

The main frame material of solar PV modules are aluminum, stainless steel and reinforced plastics. In order to adapt to the harsh environment of component installation and ensure long service life of PV modules, the requirements of the frame are quite high. At present, aluminum alloy material is generally used for solar modules because of its advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, strong tensile. What’s more, it is convenient to transport and easy to installed. Even if the surface are scratched, it does not affect performance without oxidation. It can adapt to a variety of environments with service life of up to 50 years.

The treatment of the general solar components frame can be divided into anodizing, sandblasting oxidation and electrophoresis oxidation. At present, anodized electrophoretic material take for about 30% and anodic oxide sealing material accounts for about 70% in domestic solar aluminum market.