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Related Knowledge Of Office Aluminum Furniture

Time:23 December 2016 Click:432

Aluminum is one of the non-ferrous metals of various metal. It commonly contains used aluminum and die-casting aluminum. Aluminum profile product choose aluminum ingot as the main raw material which is of the purity of up to 92% and at the same time add some metal elements such as carbon, magnesium, silicon, sulfur to increase the strength, hardness, wear resistance and other properties to conform the so called "alloy” with various components.


Aluminum is commonly used as a screen, aluminum windows and so on in office. It undergo extrusion molding process to form different kind of profile. It has the advantages of light weight for only 2.8, anti-rust, low die-input and the vertical elongation of aluminum profile can up to 10 meters. Aluminum appearance are bright or matte with the treatment of anodic oxidation process, so the thickness of surface oxide film are commonly 0.12m/m. The thickness of aluminum wall should be chosen according to product design optimization. Do not trust the misunderstanding that the thicker of the aluminum wall the better.

There are some defects of aluminum surface quality that are difficult to overcome: warping, deformation, black lines, convex and concave and white lines. People with high level of mold design and production process can avoid the above defects by making them less obvious.

Aluminum profile used for office furniture is very broad: the screen skeleton, all kinds of hanging beams, table feet, decorative articles, handle, walkway and cover, chair, etc. It can be designed and used to various of furniture!