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Point Supported Glass Curtain Wall

Time:30 August 2016 Click:444

Point supported glass curtain wall is an emerging technology, which embodies integration of the inside and outside of building. This technique put more emphasis on the glass transparency. Through the glass, one can clearly see the entire structure supporting glass curtain wall system which can add much visual enjoyment. Since the performance of point supported glass curtain wall method is unique, although it was born not long, but its application is extremely wide and also develop rapidly.


Good permeability: Glass panel supported and connected by only a few points, almost no shelter, so it helps achieve the maximum field of vision and the transparency of the glass.

Good flexibility:

To reduce and eliminate stress concentration of the glass holes, to make the glass plate hinged with the connecting member, in the metal fasteners and metal fittings design, point supported glass curtain wall of glass is generally without produce stress installation, which can adapt to deformation caused by structure loading. The use of point-supported glass curtain wall technology can satisfy the needs of architectural style.

Point Supported Glass Curtain Wall


Since the point supported glass curtain wall of glass is all steel, it is safe. Besides, connect the support structure with metal accessories, even the glass break, it will not result in serious accident.

Good process sense:

There are various supporting structure form. The support member processing is fine and the surface is smooth. With good sense of craft and artistic, therefore, many architects prefer to choose it.

Environmental and energy-saving:
Since its permeability is good, so in the use of glass, ultra-white glasses and low-E glasses are frequently used. In addition to that, the utility of hollow glass cause more obvious energy-saving effect.