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Metal Aluminium

Time:4 January 2017 Click:419

At the end of the nineteenth century, aluminum was first used in the business. At that time, it is still a new type of material, attracting the eyes of countless people. And aluminum was used to make tableware or kitchen utensils. In most people’s eyes, aluminum was a better metal than gold and the price is twice as much as gold’s. By 1950, the application of aluminum metal has reached a new era, because of its excellent light and strong properties, it began to be used in architectural design and automotive manufacturing. At the 2012 Olympic Games, the torch designed by Barber & Osgerby is also made of aluminum metal.


So since 2000, the wide rang of the application of aluminum metal shows the magic potential of aluminum itself. With the strength, mildness and corrosion resistance of the overall quality, aluminum has become the king of modern transport materials, including ferry, aircraft, and even spacecraft! When polished into powder, aluminum can also keep the sparkling color, so it is also often used in painting or plastic surface treatment to show a sense of metallic luminescence. The biggest features of aluminum is 100% recyclable. And now, more than 75% of aluminum products in the market are made from recycled.

Generally, aluminium is exploited from bauxite, and these minerals are generally distributed in tropical and subtropical, such as Africa, India, North America and Australia.

Besides, it can be well polished with the advantages of lightweight, sturdy, low cost, wide range of use, no magnetic force, perfect corrosion resistance, easy processing, recyclable and 660 degrees melting point.