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HAOMEI Aluminum Participate in the New Terminal of Algerian Airport

Time:30 August 2016 Click:314

Algerian authorities are planning to build a new Terminal at the Houari Boumediene international airport in the Algerian capital to keep pace with soaring air traffic and passenger growth.

Construction work is set to begin in 2014 and expected to be completed by 2018. This project to cost over $ 425 million will be carried out by China construction company JingYi and its long-term partner HAOMEI aluminumprofile manufacturer. All the aluminum windows and doors will be provided by HAOMEI, so as the glass curtain wall system.

HAOMEI Aluminum Participate in the New Terminal of Algerian Airport

The new terminal, to be built on a 65 hectare area, will be able to accommodate up to 10 million passengers per year, in addition to giant aircraft such as the Airbus A380. Located on the west side of the Boumedienne International Airport, the New Terminal Building of Alger Airport covers a land area of 650,000sqm, and the building area of 200,000sqm, consisting of a new terminal building and an energy center. The New Terminal Building, designed to have an annual passenger throughput of 10 million person-time, will get to Grade A standard of International Civil Aviation Association.

The current international terminal, which was inaugurated in 2006, has a capacity of handling six million passengers per year, 5000 car parking spaces, a taxi stand, a boarding area of 27,000 m², and 16 passenger gates.

Air transportation experts say the facility’s capacity of handling growing number of passengers and air traffic will be stretched out and will reach saturation by 2018.

The construction of a new terminal is part of the infrastructure projects worth $156 billion planned by Algeria in various key sectors such as transportation (road, rail and air), housing, public works, drinking water…