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Ecological Home Aluminum Doors

Time:8 December 2016 Click:415

The concept of “aluminum door” is derived from the “ecological home". Strictly speaking, "aluminum doors" is a new product under the birth of the concept "ecological home" in the past two years. As early as before the ecological door, there have been other ecological home products. Where does the ecological wind which hot the Chinese home building materials market comes from?


The concept of "ecological home" emerged early from some European developed country which focus on ecological maintenance. This is a new product of inducting environment concept which includes all kinds of inductive elements such as  sound, light, water quality, geology, greening rate, anti-disaster, ventilation, sunshine, lighting, air cleanliness, temperature, relative humidity, building materials, decorative materials and construction techniques. The key of eco-home is environmental protection and well-being, it is higher than the norms of "green home". It not only need the hardware, but also need to reconcile naturally in the aspect of humanities.

Aluminum door changes the dreary situation of traditional wooden doors, and enhance the taste of life with its advantages of beautiful shape, fashionable, simple fashion, elegant and generous, health and environmental protection, harmless to the human body. In the structure, the door frame and the door leaf edge refined by the high-tech aerospace aluminum, which has the characteristic of rich metal texture, high strength, never fade and never deformation; Door core material with strong steel core; door has the functions of anti-mold, anti-dust, anti-noise, anti-moisture, fire resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, deformation, ecological and others. Besides, door and door sets can be arbitrarily combined and interchangeable; it is the classic integration of quality and taste, the first choice of modern home door.