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Cleaning Precautions For Aluminum Profiles

Time:25 November 2016 Click:334

Due to the needs of molding and stripping easily, a variety of isolation additives are used in the process of producing aluminum. In the subsequent processing, remove the release agent and grease on the surface of the aluminum profiles is essential. However, due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy, once the cleaning agent selection and treatment is inappropriate, it will result in damage on the surface of aluminum alloy or even lead to discoloration, corrosion. Therefore, the following points should be noted while cleaning:


1, The choice of degreasing agent

The multi-component and compound type of cleaning agent are generally used on the production of industrial aluminum, as a single component of the cleaning agent is of poor cleaning effect. The composite cleaning agent that suitably combined with a strong base, a weak base, a polymerized inorganic salt, and a surfactant is capable of exhibiting the respective cleaning characteristics, thereby remarkably improve the cleaning efficiency.

2, The bubble and its control

In the metal cleaning, the foam generation and removal are very important to the pre-treatment process. A certain amount of foam is beneficial to some treatment process, but the quality of aluminum cleaning agent does not depend on the number of foam. It requires low-foam cleaning agent inside the jet, or it may cause difficulty in mass production.

3, Pay attention to the quality of washing

In order to reduce the degree of pollution, we should first try to reduce the workpiece entrainment cleaning fluid pollution.multi-level washing can also be considered. Two degree washing is usually used, and some process will use pure water. The maximum stain of the further water wash does not exceed the previous one-tenth of the cleaning workpiece. So that the residual concentration of the workpiece is only one percent of the original concentration. In adding water washing, the use of overflow to add water to save water. In the process of adding water washing, remember to use overflow to add water to save water.

4, Strengthen process management

Strict implementation of operating procedures. You should check the operating state every day and always observe the process parameters. Prohibit the workpiece stall in the device for a long time, so as not to corrosion.