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Broken Bridge Aluminum Window Sections

Time:13 January 2017 Click:1366

There are two types of aluminum windows: ordinary aluminum window and broken bridge aluminum window. Aluminum window is widely used in the field of construction with the advantages of beautiful, sealed and high strength. Besides, aluminum window sections is commonly used for balcony at home.


With poor toughness, common aluminum alloy window is brittle. And it has the weakness of cold color, poor insulation and poor air tightness. The color of common aluminum alloy window may change easily if its surface has bad treatment.  Now, broken bridge aluminum windows has completely solved the fatal problem that the aluminum alloy conducts and dissipates heat fast and does not meet the energy-saving requirement.
The broken bridge aluminum door and window are made of insulated broken bridge aluminum and insulating glass. They are processed by special mechanical way, and have the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, dustproof and waterproofing and others. The thermal conductivity K value of broken bridge aluminum window is  less than 3W / ㎡ · K, reducing heating costs for about 30% . And sound insulation is up to 30 decibels. The performance of broken bridge aluminum can meet the national A1 class window standards with good watertight, good air tightness, beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable.

Why do high-rise buildings commonly use broken bridge aluminum window?
1, Light weight, high strength. The density is only l / 3 of steel.
2, Good corrosion resistance as it does not incorporate a lot of precious metals.
3, Good sealing performance. Sealing performance directly affects the use of aluminum windows and energy consumption.
When you buy broken bridge aluminum window, you can look up for the thickness, strength and oxide film of the materials. Wall thickness should be 1.4 mm above while its tensile strength should be 157 Newton per square meter mm.