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Brief Introduction of Green Manufacturing Application in HAOMEI Aluminium

Time:30 August 2016 Click:327

HAOMEI Aluminium aspires to “Go Green” and aims to set an example as the leading aluminium extruder in China. The benefits of aluminium with regards to Green Manufacturing as well as the measures HAOMEI is taking to engage in the process of becoming more “Green” are:

Aluminium is fully recyclable, keeping its original strength characteristics when recycled. Haomei has its own remelting facilities where recycled aluminium is melted and cast into billets for extrusion. More than two thirds of the aluminium used in the manufacturing of HAOMEI’s china aluminium extrusions is recycled aluminium.
Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing Process of Recycled Aluminium:

Producing aluminium billet from recycled material uses only 5% of the energy to produce virgin/primary billet through refinement of alumina and reduction of alumina into aluminium.

Brief Introduction of Green Manufacturing Application in HAOMEI Aluminium

Corrosion Resistance and Durability:
The corrosion resistance and durability of aluminium is excellent, making it a popular choice in green building. The resistance can be increased, along with enhancing the appearance through surface finishing such as anodising and powder coating. HAOMEI offers anodising and powder coating at our QUALICOAT approved factories.
An undeniable advantage of using aluminium is the fact that it requires less maintenance than most competing materials. According to the Aluminium Federation of CHINA , the oldest know aluminium structure in CHINA is the BEIJING Street post office. The aluminium was installed over 70 years ago and is still performing the service intended.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio:
Aluminium has very good mechanical properties and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Haomei manufactures lightweight aluminium railings that are used in large transport vehicles, which result in a lighter load and lower fuel consumption than what would have been the case when using a heaver material, like steel.

Thermal Efficiency:

Haomei has designed and developed a range of thermally efficient windows and doors, suitable for single and double glazing. As a result of its thermal efficiency properties, the product keeps warmth in during the winter and coolness in during the summer, reducing the use of air conditioning and heating systems – and thus saving energy.