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Aluminum Wooden Sunshine Room

Time:10 January 2017 Click:541

Aluminum wooden sunshine room firstly originated in Germany. This energy-saving environmental protection intelligent building has fashionable shape and excellent thermal insulation, waterproof and anti-ultraviolet function. As the name suggests, the overall framework of the aluminum wooden sunshine room is composed of the pure wood or wood packaged by aluminum. As ordinary wood can’t endure long-term rainwater corrosion and sun exposure, the current wood for sunshine room are relatively expensive than ordinary wood for 3-5 times.


The main structure of aluminum wooden sunshine room is the vitality of sunshine room, withstood the greatest strength. Therefore, the main structure material can not be ignored. In general, its main structure chooses Insulation broken bridge aluminum and solid wood as the main load-bearing material. According to the different wood, the price of aluminum wooden sunshine room is not the same.

Aluminum wooden sunshine room is a composite profile. The outdoor part of the sunshine room use aluminum alloy which has the advantages of forming easy, long life, rich colors to meet the different needs of architectural design. Besides, aluminum alloy structure can help improve the mechanical properties of the entire window, and it is also waterproof, dustproof, anti-ultraviolet. The indoor green wood has a natural wood feeling and a variety of decorative effect to meet modern people's pursuit for fresh, natural and harmonious living space. So that your can enjoy the comfort of nature at home.

The sunshine room design attaches great importance to the relationship between man and nature, especially the exchange of people and the sun, the communication between people. The sunlight fully poured into the room through the full floor glass windows, and you can decorated windowsill with flowers, adding a bit of fun to the room.