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Aluminum Furniture

Time:6 January 2017 Click:546

For most people, furniture is generally dominated by wood products. However, to the reporter’s surprise, he saw aluminum furniture in an exhibition. In order to pursuit for realistic visual effects, a large wardrobe made of aluminum alloy looks like traditional wardrobe fare away as the surface of wardrobe was made into wood grain.


In fact, the overcapacity of aluminum production industry urged the manufacturers to find new breakthrough. Aluminum furniture turned out and gave hope to the whole aluminum industry.Aluminum alloy furniture has the advantage of aluminum, which has a certain strength to ensure that furniture is not easy to deform while using. In the aspect of density and pressure, aluminum have a good performance to ensure that furniture can work well effectively in the harsh conditions. At the same time, it is convenient to use aluminum furniture in daily life because of its relatively light, easy to move and moderate hardness.

Environmental protection is undoubtedly the biggest feature of aluminum furniture. At present, the main material on the market are MDF, particle board, solid wood composite sheet, although the prices among them vary, consumers can not really distinguish the merits of the material. They don’t know whether is it really environmentally friendly, healthy and value for the money? Those harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde, benzene are invisible and intangible. However, aluminum, cold-rolled steel and other metal furniture is produced by a series of mineral resources and there will be no formaldehyde problem. In addition, even if it is eliminated, aluminum furniture will not cause waste of resources and destruction of the social environment.

Besides, aluminum furniture are also anti-fire and moisture resistance with relatively low price compared to wood furniture. And there is no doubt that environment protection is the biggest selling point of aluminum furniture.