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Aluminum Formwork Introduction

Time:30 August 2016 Click:512

The utility of aluminum formwork system greatly improve the overall efficiency of the building construction industry, including building materials, artificial arrangements.

Aluminum formwork also known as template homeless aluminum, is made of aluminum alloy which helps to solve the drawbacks of traditional template, greatly improve the efficiency of construction.

Aluminum formwork design and construction applications is considered as a major development of construction industry. Many aluminum companies in accordance with the needs of the state and society are trying to create a professional green construction, green building, environmental protection and energy saving aluminum formwork.

Aluminum Formwork Introduction

Aluminum template development:

Since 1962 , aluminum formwork has more than 50 years of application history. In the United States, Canada and other developed countries, as well as the building of the newly industrialized countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, India, it has been widely used.

Aluminum formwork Advantages:
Aluminum formwork system needs to be designed according to floor supporting characteristics, so it requires designers high design ability.

About 80% of the modules of aluminum template system can be recycled and the rest 20% can only be used within one class of standard floor. Thus aluminum formwork system is suitable for high-rise building with high degree of standardization or multilayer buildings and villas.

Following are some technical advantages:
Short construction period. Aluminum formwork system is fast removal system. Generally, one set of aluminum formwork can better expand the pipeline construction, greatly improve the construction schedule and save management costs.
Can be reused more often and lower cost. Aluminum template system uses extruded aluminum profile as original material. A set of templates regulate the construction can be flipped and used more than 300 times.
Good stability, high bearing capacity. Most aluminum formwork system carrying capacity can research 60KN per square meter that enough to meet the requirements of formwork bearing capacity of most residential buildings.
Carbon emissions. All materials are aluminum template system renewable materials, in line with state regulations for construction projects saving, environmental protection and low-carbon emission reduction.