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Aluminium Profile Furniture

Time:29 December 2016 Click:428

Aluminum product is always regard as industrial product or large enterprise equipment and material. But can you image how will it works in our home?


The new concept of household products recently start to use aluminum profile to customize cabinets, wardrobe, wine cabinet, closet, shoe cabinet, laundry cabinet, bathroom cabinet, TV cabinets, tables, coffee table .... And the most important point is that the all-made aluminum furniture are initially created by Chinese to carry out the idea of health and environmental protection.

How to create a warm atmosphere with aluminum products? With the vast number of questions from consumers, we went to the aluminum furniture market to find out the answer.

We may all have the old concept that aluminum furniture should have a unique silver appearance. But to our surprise, aluminum furniture also have a unique and elegant appearance as well as the other common furniture. It turned out that you can do any desired wood grain and color on the surface of aluminum products through the high-temperature hot cover. And then after processing, the appearance of aluminum wardrobe looks the same to wood production.

The biggest advantages of aluminum wardrobe is that it is waterproof, fire resistance, corrosion resistance with zero pollution. It will not causes environmental pollution in the production process, neither will it pollute the indoor environment while using it. What’s more, you need not to worry about the bad effect of formaldehyde and other pollutants to our body with aluminum furniture at home. For all-aluminum furniture adopt the innovative technology to connect the whole process without any chemical raw materials. There is also no formaldehyde in the furniture.