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Aluminium Louvres

Time:29 August 2016 Click:412

Aluminum louvres mainly produced by aluminumprofile is durable, easy to clean, do not fade, shading and with insulation, ventilation and fire prevention characteristics. It is widely applied to office, home, hotels, villas decoration.

Aluminum louvres can also be controlled manually via the motor light. In addition, aluminum louvers can be printed with a variety of colors and models to choose bringing abundant life.
Color of all accessories of aluminum louvres, rope and slats are equipped with similar color. Curtain sheet width are of 1.6cm, 2.5cm, 3.5cm, 5.0cm, etc., with good resilience and toughness.

Iron tank top, the bottom groove and installation codes have been coated with different color. Both ends of the box-like installation code are made of metal. Just open only one side of the installation code when installation and removal.When the curtain reach a certain height, it is equipped with code.

Aluminium Louvres

Aluminum louvres are made of high quality aluminum alloy materials with double-sided enamel paint.
The upper and lower adopt one piece aluminum pressing technology. It utilize the coating electrostatic powder coating process.
Iron tank top, the bottom groove and installation codes have been coated with different color.
The curtains’ surface is smooth, rich in color and with resilience and high toughness.
No lead coating paint is high heat resistant and with superior dimming resistance feature. It is flexible, do not deform, can be insulated shade, and block ultraviolet rays.
It will not fade even being exposed to sunlight for long time. Aluminum louvres use hot reflectivity curtain leaves which can reflect most solar heat and improve the air conditioning effect helping save energy.