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Aluminium Louvres

Time:19 December 2016 Click:356

Aluminum louvres, mainly made of aluminum alloy, are mainly used for office buildings, hotels, villas, residential building and other places with the characteristic of durable, easy to clean, not aging, anti-fading, shade, insulation, ventilation and fire-resistant. Aluminum louvres can control the light manually or through the motor. Aluminum louvres can be printed, with a variety of colors and flowers to choose. Its colorful bright colors bring vitality for the living room.


The color of all accessories are similar with the curtain’s. With a good resilience and toughness, the width of curtain are 1.6cm, 2.5cm, 3.5cm, 5.0cm, etc.

The top slot, the bottom slot and the mounting code are all painted in different colors. Both ends of the box-like mounting code are made of metal. Installation and removal can be done simply by lifting the mounting code outwards. Curtain over a certain height with a care code. The mounting code is the same color with the top slot.

How to clean and maintain aluminum louvres?

Method 1: This method is mainly for friends who hang aluminum louvres in the balcony or living room and room. The biggest enemy for aluminum louvres is the dust, so the easiest way is to sweep the dust with a feather duster on a regular time!

Method 2: First, put the amount of detergent into a large enough cleaning tank, and then immerse aluminum louvres into it. After dissolving the dust and oil adhered on the leaves, you need to rinse them with water repeatedly. The last step is to completely dry each leaf.

Method 3: Wear a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of line gloves (or cloth gloves), then dip into the detergent (careful not to soak too wet) and wipe leaves one by one. After wiping, use clean water to wipe the detergent on the leaves. Finally, wear dry gloves to dry aluminum louvres.