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Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

Time:29 August 2016 Click:535

Anti pressure strength and water tightness:
Since the steel doors and steel material strength is low, despite lined with steel, its wind pressure and watertight performance is much lower comparing to aluminum windows and doors.
According to authority, in addition to water tightness and wind pressure, outside air tightness of steel doors and windows is also lower. The main cause is that the lined steel of the doors and windows inside does not form a complete frame portion is connected into a complete framework,thus, making the performance difference.
Air tightness:
Since the steel doors and windows box and fan member is welded, the steel doors and windows’ air tightness is higher than aluminum doors and windows.
Insulation properties:

According to the formula k=1/(1/ai+Rw+1/ae), it can clearly see that the heat transfer coefficient depends not only on the thermal transfer,the window form also play an important role.Since the aluminum window area is less than steel window, so they have similar insulation effect.

Lighting performance:

Steel window and doors lighting performance is worse than the aluminum doors and windows, whose light-shielding area is about 10% larger than aluminum doors and windows. It also causes poor vision and decorative effect and is not conducive to energy-saving.

Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

Sound insulation performance:

Sound insulation performance of windows mainly depend on the glass. Aluminum windows and doors seal the gap is consistent with the level of steel doors and windows so their insulation performance is basically the same.

Fire performance:
Fire performance of flame-retardant pvc plastic doors and windows with respect to combustible wooden doors and windows is better, but compared with non-combustible aluminum doors and windows is poor.

Aluminum is a good conductor. When being applied to periphery structure, if adopting effective grounding measures, it can be good lightning protection and prevent electrostatic phenomenon.

Decorative performance:

Most plastic windows and doors is white for colored pvc material have worse weatherability and can be only used in indoor decoration. Color is critical to architectural art. Aluminum windows and doors have a variety of surface treatment technology powder coating, anodizing, electrophoretic coating and grainy transfer processing etc. Customers will have more choices.


Aluminum material is durable while pvc material do worse on this aspect. Most pvc material windows and doors color will fade and bed in mechanical behavior. Steel windows and doors are easy to rust, perishable.

Deformation and expansion problem:
Steel doors and windows are vulnerable and easy cause thermal deformation. Their size and shape shift is less stable which often requires the use of a rigid glass window frame to prevent deformation.